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Our domestic cleaners are well experienced in the move in/ move out cleaning services. In a move in situation we can take care of all the necessary punch out and cleaning service processes required to make your rental units fit for your occupation.  We make it a safe, clean and healthy place to come and live for your tenants. At the end of tenancy our cleaning services provide routine as well as Deep cleaning of rental properties.

The services highlighted serve as an example of the punch out services we offer. We also include dryer vent cleaning service with standard move in and move out cleaning services.

If you require additional move in or move out cleaning services or specific punch out services, please feel free to ask us.

          Property Managers and Owners
          Fantastic Maids of Tampa Bay
          Can Get Your Vacant Units Move In Ready



  • Defrost freezer and clean
    Clean behind refrigerator
  • Scrub and mop floor underneath fridge
  • Clean sides of refrigerator
  • Remove and clean all shelves
  • Clean inside of refrigerator
  • Move refrigerator back in place


  • Remove grease and grime Oven/Stove
  • Clean range hood
  • Scrub, mop, wax floor under stove


  • Clean inside and outside of dishwasher, including door edges

Living Rooms

  • Clean windowsills, frames, tracks, casing, and both sides of glass
  • Clean closet shelves, rods, tracks, casing, and both sides of doors
  • Clean both sides of all doors including casings
  • Remove light fixtures, clean, replace burnt out bulbs, and replace light fixtures
  • Vacuum all carpets
  • Wash all baseboards
  • Scrub and mop all vinyl or tiled areas
  • Cupboards and Drawers:
  • Remove all food/debris particles from all surface
  • Wash and rinse all shelves and drawers
  • Clean all cabinet doors and drawer fronts inside and outside
  • Remove all fixtures, clean, replace burnt out bulbs, and put fixtures back in place
  • Wash and rinse baseboards Work areas and under sink

  • Clean sink and under sink Clean countertops Scrub and mop floors


  • Remove soap scum and stains from tub, tub fixtures and shower rod
  • Clean and shine wall tile around tub areas
  • Scour sink and soap holder
  • Clean vanity cabinet inside and out, including doors
  • Clean inside and outside of medicine cabinet and cabinet door (including mirror
  • Disinfect, scrub and remove stains from inside and outside of toilet
  • Clean linen closet/shelves and both sides of door
  • Remove light fixture(s), clean, replace burnt out bulbs and put back in place
  • Scrub and mop bathroom floors

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